23 January 2017

Dr Deji Ayonrinde, a Psychiatrist at Bethlem hospital, talks to Sixth Form students

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Dr Deji Ayonrinde, a Psychiatrist at Bethlem hospital, visited the school on Friday 20 January.

He began his visit by chatting about mental health and psychiatry over lunch with the PsycSoc students. This was followed by a staff focus group discussion based around the benefits and challenges of working in a multinational organisation such as Sevenoaks School with a view to applying his findings to improve best practice in the NHS.

Dr Ayonrinde then met with a L6 Psychology class to explore the impact of study on mental health. He finished off his visit with a very amusing and insightful lecture in the Recital Room to all 85 Psychology students discussing the validity of culture-bound syndromes, in particular Brain Fag syndrome.

Overall it was a great visit with many benefits to the Psychology students and Sevenoaks staff, but also to Dr Ayonrinde himself in terms of contributing to his academic research.

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