15 March 2017

County and inter-county shooting success

Congratulations to our shooters on some very encouraging recent results.

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Congratulations to our shooters on some very encouraging recent results.

Carey Salver Junior Competition

We participated in the inter home counties Carey Salver Junior Competition, which has been dominated by Kent over the past eight years. This year Kent was again victorious, by exactly the same margin as last year, eight points.

The performance of the Sevenoaks shooters was significantly improved from last year. Cecilia achieved the highest individual score in the competition, and Axel had the third highest score in the Kent team.

Home Counties Coordinating Committee New Zealand Match

The Home Counties form a squad to shoot against New Zealand, choosing the best shooters from across the five counties. Cecilia Catuogno-Cal, Axel Susini and Alberta Leonard were selected for the Junior team of 12.

County selections

Our squad has produced eight county selections this season, five Juniors and three Ladies. Congratulations to Axel Susini, Max Murray and Sam Hayward for their county debut.

Kent County Junior Teams for Inter-County Leagues

Three teams of four were entered into the National Smallbore Rifle Association County Leagues. The A team is in Division 2, the Bs in Division 3 and the Cs in Division 5, the competition period comprises ten rounds over 20 weeks against five other teams. Two points for a win, one point for a draw. Teams with a tied score are separated by the aggregate score.

Cecilia Catuogno-Cal shot for the A team, Axel Susini and Max Murray for the B Team, and Anastasia Spiridonova and Sam Hayward for the C Team.

Kent Ladies

Cecilia Catuogno-Cal, Anastasia Spiridonova and Alberta Leonard were selected for the Kent Ladies B team. Cecilia is to be promoted to the A team for the second half of the season.

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