An overview of Music scholarships

Music scholarships and exhibitions are offered annually at the age of 11+, 13+ and 16+.

Music scholarships are worth 10% of the day fee and exhibitions will provide free tuition on one or two instruments. Holders of music awards may also be offered free instrumental tuition over and above the value of a scholarship. Any scholarship may be augmented additionally by bursarial support, subject to means-testing.

Scholarships at 11+

At 11+, accurate assessment of a student’s musical ability and potential at an age as young as 10 is difficult. While some scholarships may be awarded at this age, it is likely that we will award exhibitions in this age group to students who are clearly promising but on whom it is difficult to make a judgement at this time. Such students often make enormous progress in Years 7 and 8. Those who are offered an exhibition at 11+ may be invited by the Director of Music to re-audition for a scholarship prior to joining Year 9 (13+) and in this way upgrade their award, if this is appropriate.  No exhibition will be taken away at this point.

Scholarships at 13+ 

At 13+ we are looking for potential rather than achievement and a genuine enthusiasm for music. If students are looking for an ABRSM level as a guide, then approximately Grade 6 standard is required. However some instruments, such as violin and piano lend themselves to be taken up earlier and students often find they are extended beyond this. Others, such as bassoon and French horn, are often taken up later and a student may not yet have reached this level, yet still show considerable potential.

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Scholarships at 16+

At 16+ a student will already have a considerable amount of musical experience.  An applicant should be at least Grade 8 standard on their principal instrument, although they may not have taken this examination. Potential applicants should contact the Director of Music with information on the works they are currently studying for advice on this matter. Although many students will be proficient at two or more instruments, it is common for a student only to be expecting to focus on one instrument during the two years in the Sixth Form.