Words That Cut Like Knives 

Words That Cut Like Knives, written and performed by Robin Brenninkmeijer and Ben Colley (both Upper Sixth) tells the story of Mia and Matty, university students who fall in love and then encounter some serious problems in their relationship that they are unaware of.

At the beginning of the play we meet both the characters and see both the ups and downs of the relationship from when the two first met to when they are having fights in their home.

The play raises awareness for some dark issues such as sexism, domestic abuse and mental health conditions which particularly affect millennials and Generation Z. These topics are very difficult to tackle and require a lot of attention because nowadays around one in three people per year experience mental health problems and cases of domestic abuse are becoming more frequent.

The writers and performers continually reminded us of the two sides that every relationship has from the subtle male dominance of the stage to the mention of Mia just being objective to Matty and one of his possessions. Overall the acting and script writing was very well executed and the actors were every brave for taking on such a serious topic and performing it so well. It was a spectacular performance and was worth going to see twice!

Kieran Kiggell, Year 10