Deputy Head Co-curriculum: Dr Adrian Rainbow

Adrian was born and raised in Canada by his parents Tony and Mo, both of whom were school Heads. Before arriving at Sevenoaks he was Head of the Environmental Faculty at UWC Atlantic College and previous to that role was a Lecturer in English at the University of Zurich.

His doctoral work in English literature ('The Poetics of Emancipation: Radical Aesthetics, Critical Pedagogy and Contemporary Literature') focused on critical pedagogy and literary theory. His postdoctoral work focussed on ecopedagogy and ecoliteracy, and he is currently interested in educational theories that develop service based learning and inculcate social responsibility. His keenest interest, however, is spending time with his wife, Miriam, and their two boys, Finley and Osian.  


I am absolutely honoured to oversee the co-curricular programme at Sevenoaks. It is a great pleasure to witness our students thrive both inside and outside of the classroom as they prepare themselves for their next chapter in life. I take much delight in knowing that our students leave Sevenoaks as passionate, empathic, and dynamic lifelong learners and as active change agents compelled and equipped to create a better world.