Imagine you are the ambassador of Nicaragua to the United Nations...

The Sevenoaks School Model United Nations group provides a platform for Lower Sixth students to learn about the UN, develop skills of speech-writing, debating and lobbying, and to increase their awareness of international politics and current affairs.

As the name suggests, the Model United Nations is a simulation of the United Nations in which participants take up roles as delegates from various countries and then investigate, debate and develop solutions to global problems. Indeed, through interpreting the role of a delegate from a foreign country, MUN members come to know and appreciate a wide range of political and cultural backgrounds.

Each week, a ‘resolution’ (a document containing a list of proposed measures) is presented with the aim of providing answers to a particular international crisis. Whether this involves confronting the issue of critically low fish stocks or an attempt to stem the flow of the illegal arms trade, debates are never dull. During these sessions, different delegates will advocate their country’s position on the matter at hand (supporting, condemning or amending a resolution as the case may be), until a final conclusion is reached as to whether the resolution and its measures should be adopted by the United Nations or not.

MUN was a fantastic experience; the best thing I’ve done at school. I learned so much.

Lower Sixth student

The culmination of the career of any Model United Nations delegate comes at one of the various annual conferences which take place across the globe. Sevenoaks students have the opportunity to thrash out global issues with delegates from all around the world in conference halls (which can house several hundred people in some cases), usually in The Hague and Bath.

MUN at Sevenoaks is open to Lower Sixth students only. It takes place on Thursday afternoons as a service activity and selection is by auditions held at the beginning of the Michaelmas term.