15 June 2017

Chemists vs. Geographers Croquet

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This week saw an assiduously fought croquet campaign between the chemists, Jonathan Fuchs and William McQuail, and geographers, Arthur Sackville-West and Rhys Joseph.

After an initial consultation with the England Croquet Association, the presiding umpire deemed ‘School House’ playing rules somewhat out-of-sync with the technicalities prescribed by the ECA. The first swing through the first hoop was effortlessly made by Jonathan and play was quickly underway. Arthur and Rhys were strategic and played a strong game, however, the agility demonstrated by William and Jonathan kept them both a comfortable distance ahead, and facilitated a victory.

Delighted by the playing etiquette and a healthy dose of sportsmanship, Mr Burnett and Mr Harris are confident in the knowledge that they are on their way to procuring a formidable team of L6 boys. Given the excellent playing conditions and height of exuberance for this game, it is anticipated that a final croquet meet will take place next week outside on Claridge Lawn.

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