02 May 2017

Chemistry success at three recent events

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In the past few weeks, pupils studying Chemistry have been successful in a number of endeavours. First, the Sixth Form received 13 Bronze, 10 Silver and 1 Gold certificate in the International Chemistry Olympiad. Gloria Gao in the Lower Sixth secured this year’s only Gold award which was a truly superb effort.

In addition, a team of three Lower Sixth students, Thea Beadle, Gloria Gao and Curtis French, came third in the RSC’s Young Analyst competition (Kent Section) held at Greenwich University, Chatham campus. They took part in a number of precision-based experiments involving different aspects of spectroscopy.

Finally, a team of Middle School pupils, Jahnvi Gada (Y11), Alex Hayward (Y10), James Steiner and Kush Kothari (both Y9) took part in the national final of the RSC’s Top of the Bench competition at Loughborough University. They had to complete individual written papers as well as a team practical round which involved gas chromatography and UV spectrophotometry. Despite not finishing in the top places, they performed to incredibly high standards and had an enjoyable and enlightening day.

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