20 April 2016

Chemistry Olympiad Results

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January saw an excellent performance by our chemists in the 2016 International Chemistry Olympiad. This year, 40 Sevenoaks students took part in Round 1 of the competition; five students were awarded Gold certificates (top 7.9% of participants nationwide), eight Silver and seven Bronze.

Upper Sixth student Joe Jenne achieved the highest score in the school, while special mention goes to the three Lower Sixth students that received Golds: Rebecca Reiff-Musgrove, Miles Caven and Elias Voss. Tin Lam in the Upper Sixth was the fifth recipient of a Gold certificate.

Although the paper was written with Upper Sixth students in mind, the Lower Sixth were able to think independently on challenging topics and came away with some incredible results. This collection of certificates is the best for Sevenoaks students in recent memory.

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