18 May 2015

Chemistry Olympiad

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Sevenoaks School’s largest ever contingent to sit the gruelling two-hour International Chemistry Olympiad met with incredible success this year, securing the school’s best ever results.


A total of 57 students, principally in the Lower Sixth, sat the challenging paper last term and were awarded with a phenomenal total of 34 medals (11 silver and 23 bronze). This represents the school’s best ever efforts in the competition by some distance. There were several standout performances, in particular from Lower Sixth students Joe Jenne, Alexander Miranthis and Eunice Kang.


The Olympiad is written to be taken by Upper Sixth students, so the Lower Sixth have done very well to be awarded so many medals. The C3L6 (Cambridge Chemistry Challenge for Lower Sixth) will take place later this term and expectations are high!


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