17 January 2018

CCF with Knole Academy

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Ten Year 10 pupils and two members of staff from Knole Academy joined the army section of Sevenoaks School’s Combined Cadet Force (CCF) in September 2016, and a further 12 pupils joined in September 2017.

For the majority of cadets, CCF is not preparation for a military career, although some of the more fun aspects of military training are covered, including adventure training and practical skills such as orienteering and campcraft. CCF is, however, an opportunity to develop soft skills such as self-discipline, team work, public speaking and leadership. Cadets also have the opportunity to attend overnight exercises and summer camps.

The CCF enables young people to gain confidence and experience, and pupils enjoy the variety it brings to their education.

Training together has been a good experience for the cadets from the two schools. Working with new faces brings in different relationship and cooperation skills, and the senior cadets are able to develop and practise their leadership roles with those they know less well. They have integrated very well and made some good friends, especially during the busy week of summer camp.

Knole Academy will run its own CCF from September 2018, but will continue with some joint training and exercises with Sevenoaks.

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