18 November 2016

Business Simulation Competition

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As part of Global Entrepreneurship Week, our students have had the chance to play a business simulation game in their own time, and some had clearly been practising hard in order to work out their strategy!

Year 7 & 8 students were given the opportunity to run a ‘virtual’ lemonade stand, and in the process learnt about the basics of business by making decisions on price, recipe, stock control, weather, and forecasting. They had 15 minutes to play, and then had to see who had made the most money. The winner was Tito Adetunji from Year 7 who made US$360 in 10 virtual days, and the runner up Imogen Moran with US$336.

Year 9-13 students were involved in a competition to maximise sales from a mobile business cart selling caps, t-shirts and sweatshirts. The students were able to make decisions on the products, pricing, locations, and strategy in their quest to make as much profit as possible. The winner was Cameron Delpech whose cart made US$12,001 in 15 virtual days, and the runner up was Mark Taylor from Year 12 making US$11,582.

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