23 March 2017

Business Plan winners visit Microsoft Accelerator offices

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The winners from the recent Business Plan competition spent the day at the Microsoft Accelerator recently, an initiative that guides and mentors growing start-up companies for free. The facilities at the Microsoft Accelerator were astonishing; we were allowed a tour of the offices, and we had talks from 4 companies that were working with the Microsoft Accelerator. They introduced to us what it was like to be working with the Microsoft team, and the benefits that they gave to their company. It was a real eye-opener to us all, and revealed to us the possibilities of starting our own businesses. At the end of the trip, we had the added bonus of playing with a Microsoft Hololens headset. We left the offices with much more confidence in starting our own businesses, and had much more of an idea of the prospects that it held. I would never have guessed that I would have come this far and learned this much from a competition in a school environment!

Jackson Wen

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