08 May 2018

Brussels French Exchange 2018

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The Brussels exchange was an unforgettable experience, filled with lots of chocolate, waffles, fries…and of course French! The seven of us had the most amazing opportunity to live with a Belgian family for a week, attending a French-speaking school, learning about the Belgian culture and making lifelong friends.

We spent some of the days in lessons with our exchange partners and it was incredible to be taught a subject in French, although quite challenging, especially when it was Maths! All of us took part in a two-hour Dutch lesson where we were taught phrases by the other students and had to perform them in front of the whole class in the form of a job interview. It was very amusing and a great way to get to know many of the friendly students at the school.

We also enjoyed visiting Bruges and Waterloo. Some of us even went on a beautiful outdoor boat trip around the breathtaking town of Bruges and then enjoyed eating ice cream and waffles in the square afterwards. Despite the fact that the heavens had opened, we spent a lovely morning in Waterloo and it did not stop some of us from trekking up what felt like endless steps to the Lion’s Mound, where we took in the incredible views of Belgium.

Brussels itself was beautiful and we were incredibly lucky to have a tour around the European Parliament and a talk about its history and importance. Although there were countless wonderful moments throughout the week, my favourite was spending the afternoon in the centre of Brussels when the sun was out and we could explore the gorgeous city.

Everyone had an unforgettable experience and a huge thank you must go to Mr and Mrs Dyer who took great care of us and even allowed us to choose the specific places we wanted to visit, making the exchange really special and personal to us. I cannot wait to return to Brussels in the summer to see my exchange again and spend more time in this remarkable city.

Hannah Saint, Lower Sixth

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