23 June 2015

Boarders' Olympics

Sennocke House boarders describe one of the annual summer highlights, the Boarders' Olympics!

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All  ’round’ success

On a sunny evening, we set out to take part in the house rounders. The team was made up of a combination of Lower Sixth, Year 10s and Year 9s. We had two Year 9s in the team, Jemima and Emmy. First we played against PG and everyone played well, even though eventually everyone got out! We fielded really well and ended up winning the game! Then, we played IC and despite playing really well, we lost by only half a rounder. Afterwards, we played School House in the battle for third and fourth place. After fielding well, we were losing by half a rounder and there were 10 seconds left. Jemima then went and hit really well, and scored a rounder! We then went on to place third overall, under Johnsons and IC, the first girls’ house! Overall a really fun evening.

Maisie Holland

Just keep ‘s-winning’

Sennocke were triumphant in the swimming pool. In most races Sennocke was the first girls’ house to finish. Kate Arkwright was most impressive in the boiler suit race.  The swimmers have to get into a boiler suit before swimming one length of the pool and Kate was dressed in the fastest time ever and had reached an advantage of half the pool before the next swimmer entered the water. This race put us in second place overall and the synchronised swimming team lead by Gaia Pipitone came second place after the formidable IC to ensure our second place overall for the swimming Olympics.

Sennocke girls are volley good fellows

A week later the weather held off enough for the volleyball matches to take place.  Sennocke were off to a fine start beating PG but placed below the boys’ houses leaving their final standing for volleyball at fourth.

Right on track

Lastly, there were athletics. Prior to the athletics event, Sennocke were in third position overall just behind IC and Johnsons! Then one slightly less than stellar performance on the athletics track almost put our group 2 win in jeopardy. 

However, it was the more relaxed races of egg and spoon, sack race and three-legged race that ensured our overall top position for group 2! Juhi James collected the trophy for the house. 

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