20 March 2019

Bath MUN

Sevenoaks delegates had an exciting and challenging time at the Bath MUN with several achieving commendations.

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Our trip to attend BISMUN 2019 was both exciting and challenging. We had been practising hard in our weekly MUN sessions in the Little Theatre with our peers, but at the conference we were in rooms full of unfamiliar faces. Though it was daunting at first, it was interesting to meet new people and talk to them about different issues that the world is facing today. There was a wide variety of items in the agenda, from the conflict in Yemen to marine plastic pollution. We had delegates representing Poland and Iran in lots of different committees, all debating a range of topics from a variety of different angles.

We spent three days engaged in discussion, lobbying and debating. Each day ended with a meal at a restaurant, which was always fun as we could catch up with each other on how our respective debates had been going. At the end of the conference, four of us were awarded Commended Delegate and another four Highly Commended Delegate. We also had the opportunity to visit the beautiful town of Bath, which was a first for many. It was a memorable and rewarding experience and we are all grateful for being given this opportunity.

Viraj Patnaik, Lower Sixth

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