Arts Society is a fantastic means of getting the school's community of parents together.  I have enjoyed many fun and interesting outings this academic year to exhibitions I would never normally see.

Arts Society is a cultural, social and educational society for Old Sennockians, current parents, former parents and staff of Sevenoaks School. The aim is to encourage good relations between all those who have an interest in the school and to provide the opportunity for members to meet and attend various trips and social events together. We organise visits to art galleries and exhibitions (often with private lectures), theatre trips, tours of stately homes, gardens and guided walks around London. There is also often the chance to meet up with the other members over coffee, breakfast, lunch or drinks before or after the event.

All members of the school community are warmly welcome to come along and bookings can be made by following the links below.

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David Hockney- Drawing from Life   

National Portrait Gallery, London

The first major exhibition devoted to David Hockney's drawings in over 20 years. David Hockney: Drawing from Life, explores Hockney as a draughtsman from the 1950s to the present by focusing on depictions of himself and a small group of sitters close to him.

Featuring around 50 works from public and private collections across the world, as well as from the David Hockney Foundation and the artist, the exhibition will trace the trajectory of his practice by revisiting these five subjects over a period of five decades. Highlights include a series of new portraits; coloured pencil drawings created in Paris in the early 1970s, composite Polaroid portraits from the 1980s, and a selection of drawings from an intense period of self-scrutiny during the 1980s when the artist created a self-portrait every day over a period of two months.  

Tuesday 3 March 2020, 10.30am lecture followed by exhibition entry (11.45am) and optional lunch (1.00pm)

Price:  £30 (lecture only); £42 (lecture and exhibition); £55 (lecture and lunch); £67 (lecture, exhibition and lunch)

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Booking deadline: 25 February 2020


King's Cross Development- Granaries, Gas-holders and Google   

King's Cross, London, N1C 4DQ

In the hinterland behnid St Pancras and King's Cross stations lies the larges urban redevelopment area in Europe. Across 67 acres this brownfield site is being transformed into an entirely new quarter of London. What makes this regeneration so special is that much of the rich industrial past is being integrated into the new buildings, new uses and open spaces. 

The walk will examine how the old and new are being woven together: an art collage inside a granary, a restaurant inside a gymnasium, apartments inside a gas-holder and a kissing roof. From the graduer of St Pancras and King's Cross stations to gleaming new office building this area is already taking shape as a vibrant district for the London of the 21st century.

Come and see the magnificent Coal Drops Yard and the new Google Headquarters, both designed by Old Sennockian, Thomas Heatherwick.   

Monday 16 March 2020, 10.30am followed by optional lunch


Sevenoaks 20: IB Art and Making Waves    

Bargehouse, OXO Tower Wharf, Bargehouse Street, London, SE1 9PH

Sevenoaks 20: IB Art and Making Waves are exhibitions of work by current students and Old Sennockians. The exhibitions are open on Friday 20 and Saturday 21 March between 11.00am and 6.00pm.    

Thursday 20 and Friday 21 March 2020, 11.00am - 6.00pm 

Admission is free

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Booking deadline: 27 February 2020


Fermentation and Gut Health Workshop  

Chart Farm, Seal (nr Sevenoaks)  

Fermented foods are big news now, and for good reason. People have used the process for centuries to both add flavour and preserve homegrown produce. Those who have eaten them report many health benefits. As we are finding out more and more, gut health is exceptionally important. Poor gut health can lead to a range of different diseases - from obesity to deparession to autoimmune conditions and allergies. Our modern environment of stress, poor nutrition and lots of antibiotics can all make our guts unhappy. 

Our workshop kicks off with an informal talk about the importance of Gut Health from Katharine Bright, a Registered Nutritional Therapist. We talk gut health, prebiotics, probitics and fermented food. The second half of the workshop is a demonstration (with tasting):

- how to make sauerkraut (a fermented cabbage, with Katharine's receipe that contains more than just cabbage)

- how to make kombucha, a fermeted tea drink

You will be provided with recipes and detailed instructions so you can start fermeting at home. Tea, coffee and a healthy snack will be provided. 

Wednesday 25 March 2020, 9.30am (approx 2.5 hours)  


Andy Warhol    

Tate Modern, London

This major exhibition presents the outsider at the heart of American art and culture. Andy Warhol was the son of immigrants who became an American icon. A shy observer who became the hub of New York's social scene. An artist who embraced consuermism, celebrity and counter culture- changing modern art in the process. He was born in 1928 as Andrew Warhol to working class parents from present day Slovakia. In 1949 Warhol moved from Pittsburgh to New York, where he was later joined by his mother. Initially working as a commercial illustrator, his skill at transforming the imagery of American culture soon found its unforgettable realisation in his ground-breaking pop art. Visitors to this major retrospective will be able to see his iconic pop images of Marilyn Monroe, Coca-Cola and Campbell's Soup Cans, play with his floating Silver Clouds and experience the psychedelic multimedia environemnt of the Exploding Plasict Inevitable. The exhibition will bring together rarely seen work from the 1970s that display his skill as a painter, as well as his experiments with different forms of mass media. Popularly radical and radically popular, Warhol will emerge as an artist who reimagined what art could be in an age of immense social, political and technological change.     

Monday 27 April 2020, private lecture 10.30am, exhibition entry at 11.30am (30 places) and 12.30pm (30 places) followed by an optional lunch 

Price: £65 (lecture, exhibition and lunch); £45 (lecture and lunch); £40 (lecture and exhibition); £20 (lecture only)

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Booking deadline: 29 March 2020


A Day at Lullingstone - Castle and Roman Villa    

Lulingstone, Eynsford, Da4 0JA

Lullingstone Castle is an historic manor house set in an estate in the village of Lullingstone near Eynsford. The present Manor House and Gatehouse, overlook a stunning 15-acre lake, were built in 1497 and have been home to the same family ever since - the Hart Dykes and both Henry Viii and Queen Anne are known to have been regular visitors. Lullingstone was also home to the famous Silk Farm, established in the 1930s, which produced silk for Queen Elizabeth II's coronation robes and wedding dress. It is now home to Tom Hart Dyke's World Garden of Plants. Tom is the twentieth generation of his family to live on the estate. Close to the Manor House is St Botolphs Parish Church of Norman origin, which contains some of hte oldes stained glass windows in England. 

We will be taking a private guided tour of the House, World Garden and St Botolph's Church (3 hours) in the morning and in the afternoon we will be visiting Lullingstone Roman Villa which was begun in about AD100 and developed to suit the tastes and benefits of the successive wealthy owners, reaching its peak of luxury in the mid 4th century. Visitors today can still view the spectacular mosiacs and prints of the rare wall paintings, a heated bath-suite and a 'house-church'.

Everyone is welcome to join the group for a light lunch in the teaching space at Lullingstone Roman Villa at 1.00pm.     

Wednesday 6 May 2020, 9.00am Lullingstone Castle, World Garden and Church tour; 1.00pm optional light lunch at Lullingstone Roman Villa; 2.00pm Lullingstone Roman Villa tour  

Price: £23 Lullingstone Castle, World Garden and Church tour (am); £16 Lullingstone Roman Villa tour (pm); £50 Lullingstone Castle, World Garden, Church and Roman Villa (with lunch); £39 Lullingstone Castle, World Gardenm, Church and Roman Villa (no lunch)

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Booking deadline: 29 March 2020


Private Guided Tour and Afternoon Tea at Chevening   

Chevening (nr Sevenoaks)

Chevening House was built to designs reputedly by Inigo Jones and is a Grade 1 listed building. The house we see today is almost entirely the creation of seven generations of the Stanhope family, building on the original Lennard family house of around 1630. For 250 years the Stanhopes served their country as soldiers and statesmen and at Chevening as patrons of architecture and art. When, sadly, the line ran out, the 7th Earl's munificent gift of Chevening to the nation ensured that the distiguished history of the family and estate was preserved for future generations. It is especially appropriate that the house has become the country residence of a Cabinet Minister and thus continues to play its part in the political life of the nation. 

Our 2 hour private guilded tour of the house will commence at 2pm and will be followed by afternoon tea in the Drawing Room. 

Please note that bookings for this event is Arts Society Members Only (no guests) prior to 16 April. Priority will also be given to those who did not attend when we visited in 2017.    

Tuesday 19 May 2020, 2.00pm 

Price:  £49  

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Booking deadline: 12 May 2020


The Doctor (with Juliet Stevenson)    

Duke of York's Theatre, London 

The Doctor is loosely adapted from Arthur Schnitzler's Bernhardi but amplified by Robert Icke to not only focus on handling religion but also gender, race and class. Icke also completely changes up the original by having women and black actors play roles originally occupied by men and white actors. This brilliant new play takes a close look at medical ethics and whether political identity has a place in the field of medicine. When a young woman gets taken critically ill at a private hospital, this ordinary day is turned on its head when a priest arrives to bless the woman but her doctor refuses him entry. The subject divides an already divided nation, but which side will society take?  

Tuesday 9 June 2020, 7.30pm 

Price:  £55 (seats in Stalls rows C, E and F) 

Booking will open soon

Booking deadline: 24 May 2020


Early Bird Tour of Sissinghurst Garden    

Sissinghurst, Cranbrook, Kent, TN17 2AB

Sat within the ruins of a great Elizabeth house, framed by the rich Kentish landcape of woods, farmland, lakes and streams, the famous garden with its pink brick tower is the result of creative tension between the formal design of Harold Nicolson and the abundant planting of this wife, Vita Sackville-West. The layers of colour, intimacy of different garden 'rooms' and rich herbaceous borders are the epitome of an English garden and provide an ever changing picture through the seasons.

Join us for an exclusive visit before the gardens open when we will find out more about the garden and the wider estate and its many layers of history. 

Tuesday 16 June 2020, 9.30am for 10.00am start (one hour guided walk); optional light lunch at 12.00 noon  

Price: £22 National Trust member - tour only; £37 non NT member- tour only; £42 NT member tour and lunch; £57 non NT member tour and lunch

Booking will open soon

Booking deadline: 17 May 2020


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For general enquiries please email The Arts Society

Last year I had just moved to London and was also a new parent at Sevenoaks: I loved meeting up with friendly parents and joining the interesting trips that Jane organised. I'm looking forward to more of the same this year!

The Sevenoaks School Foundation Arts Society is a programme supported by the Sevenoaks School Foundation. Any proceeds raised by these events will be directed to the Sevenoaks School Foundation in support of the advancement of Sevenoaks School. Sevenoaks School Foundation Registered Charity Number 307923.