06 September 2016

An OS at the Weizmann Summer Science Institute

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Charlene Chau (OS 2016) was selected to attend the Dr Bessie Lawrence International Summer Science Institute (ISSI) at the Weizmann Institute in Israel this year. She has written about her experiences as a guest blogger for Weizmann UK: read it here http://www.weizmann.org.uk/news/issi-2016-guest-blogger-charlene-chau 

The Weizmann is a very prestigious research institution. Every year they take ten UK students as part of their international Year 13 summer research programme, the ISSI, to spend a month working with a research team alongside leading scientists. They have the opportunity to work on numerous Biology-related projects such as molecular mechanisms for neuron remodelling (undertaken by Zena Stead, OS 2014) and findings are then published in scientific journals.

Sevenoaks has been lucky enough to have placed students in the summer school every year since 2012. 

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