Although our entrance tests are not based on any particular syllabus, it might be helpful to look at some of the books we recommend to our own students. This is certainly not a requirement. Links are provided to Amazon for your convenience.

IGCSE Mathematics by Chris Pearce

Those applying for Higher Level Mathematics would certainly benefit from studying: Additional Mathematics for OCR by Val Hanrahan

Critical Thinking Skills

Thinking Skills by John Butterworth and Geoff Thwaites or any online thinking skills assessments

Longman Biology for IGCSE by P Bradfield, S Potter

IGCSE Chemistry by B. Earl, L.D.R. Wilford

Edexcel IGCSE Physics by B Arnold, S Woolley, P Johnson

Economics (please note there is no entrance test available in Economics)
Economics for Dummies by Peter Antonioni, Sean Masaki Flynn


No previous psychological knowledge is required and will be of little benefit. The books below are all very interesting and will give students a taste of recent developments in psychology. Reading any of the below titles is encouraged.

Quirkology by Richard Wiseman

Mind Hacks by Tom Stafford

Nature via Nurture by Matt Ridley


No previous knowledge is required. The below book is interesting and will give students an idea of the type of topics discussed in Philosophy.

What Does it All Mean? by Thomas Nagel