How to Apply for the Sixth Form

Application Form

The deadline for applications for entry into the Sixth Form in 2018 has now passed. We welcome applications from students interested in joining the Sixth Form in 2019 and beyond.

However for possible consideration for a day place in September, please email a copy of the candidate's latest school report and a personal statement outlining their strengths and interests to

The first step in applying to Sevenoaks School is to complete the online application form below and pay the registration fee. The registration fee which is non-refundable covers the cost of processing the application and the entrance tests. The fee is £100 for day applicants and £200 for boarding applicants.  

Before you make an application, please check here that your child's age is correct for the Year of Entry. 


The deadline for applications is 1 August of the year preceding entry, but we advise applicants to submit the application form a little earlier than that. This application form is only the first step: after an application is made, we will send the registration forms (see below). These ask for more substantial information and will therefore be sent around June of the year preceding entry (or by return for later applications).

Candidate's/Parents' details

The information given on the online application form is used for all our communications. It is therefore important that you notify us of any change of email, postal address or circumstances during the application process. This is particularly important if you have applied some years in advance of entry.

Candidate's present school

Before we can offer a place, we must receive a reference from the candidate's present school. Under some circumstances parents prefer not to inform the school in the early stages; however, we must ask for the reference in good time and before the offers are decided in November.

Applications to other schools

As we have a limited number of places available, we recommend that all applicants consider an alternative school or schools. It is interesting for us to know which other schools the candidate is applying to, but it does not influence our admissions process in any way.

Visiting the school

While it is not always practical for overseas candidates to visit the school, we do encourage all applicants to come to Sevenoaks if possible. During a visit, we offer a tour of the campus and the boarding house (if appropriate), and the candidate has an informal interview with the Head of Sixth Form Admissions to discuss their application. 

More information and FAQ for overseas candidates are available here. 

Application Forms:

Day Application Form
Boarding Application Form 


Timetable for Sixth Form Entry in September 2018

1 August 2017 Closing date for 2018 applications
1 September 2017 Closing date for 2018 confirmations
14 October 2017 Entrance Exams
27 October 2017 All overseas exam papers to be returned
27 November 2017 Academic Scholarship Assessments
28 November 2017 CoCurricular Scholarship Assessments
1 December 2017 Offer letters sent
11 December 2017 Deadline to accept offers verbally
15 December 2017 Deadline to confirm offer with deposit and signed contract

Registration forms

After receiving the online application form and registration fee, we will send out (around June) a set of further forms. These include registration for entrance tests; application for scholarships and bursaries; IB subject choices; educational support; language support; and a request for a personal statement. We also send further information regarding the entrance tests (see below). Please note that these forms are not available online.

IB Subject choices

Please note the instructions on the confirmation forms carefully. For information on the various courses available at Sevenoaks see The IB at Sevenoaks booklet.

Note also that the information given on this form determines the entrance tests that the candidate will sit (see below), namely the three Higher Level choices. 

Please note that for Economics, Psychology and Philosophy Higher Level no previous study of the subject is required. Further information about the content of the tests is sent out to all candidates two to three months prior to them being sat.

All of our Sixth Form students follow a six-subject Diploma with three Higher Levels. It is not possible for a student to pursue four Higher Level subjects or an extra Standard Level subject.

Educational support

These forms must be completed in full, even if the candidate has no educational needs.

Language support

The information given on the language support form enables us to advise candidates on suitability for various courses, particularly A and B languages. Please complete this form as fully and honestly as possible: this information allows us to provide appropriate support and recommendations for language study.

Based on the information given on this form we may request that a candidate sits an English Language test with their other entrance tests.

School reports and other information

We ask for every candidate to send in their latest school reports or grade transcript. These can be supplemented by later reports. Earlier reports are also welcome but give less up-to-date information. We are happy to include in our assessment any other relevant documents that you wish to send.

Personal Statement

The Personal Statement is an opportunity for the candidate to inform us of their wider interests. At Sevenoaks we place great emphasis on the contribution a student makes to the co-curricular life of the school. Therefore the Personal Statement is an important part of the overall assessment.

The IB CAS programme requires all students to be involved in creative, sporting and service activities. The Personal Statement allows us to assess a candidate's suitability for this aspect of the Diploma. No particular format is expected. A full account of the candidate's achievements and interests is all that is required.


Candidates will be informed about the outcome of their application at the start of December. A small number of initially unsuccessful candidates may be placed on a waiting list and subsequently awarded places later in the year if and when they become available. Those accepting places are asked to pay a deposit of £1500 (for day students) or £3000 (for boarders) in order to secure their place which will be refunded from their final school bill.