How to Apply for the Sixth Form

Application form

The deadline for 2023 applications has now passed and we are unable to accept any more applications at this time. If you would like to be placed on the waiting list in case an opportunity becomes available, please email Emily Smith, Sixth Form Registrar (, and include the candidate's most recent school report and a personal statement, written by the candidate, outlining their hobbies and interests. 

For candidates wishing to apply for 2024, the deadline for application is 1 August 2023. In order to apply, the first step is to complete the online application form below and pay the registration fee. The registration fee which is non-refundable covers the cost of processing the application and the entrance tests (unless taken overseas). The fee is £175 for day applicants and £350 for boarding applicants.

Before you make an application, please check here that your child's age is correct for the Year of Entry.


The deadline for applications is 1 August of the year preceding entry, but you are welcome to apply at any time before this.

From June of the year preceding entry, we send you a more detailed registration form which needs to be completed by the end of August. With this you will need to submit a personal statement by your child and a copy of their most recent school report. You will also need to say which combination of subjects they intend to study for their IB Diploma. This is useful information for the application process, but candidates will have opportunities to change their choices once they have been offered a place.

The entrance exams are held in mid-October. Please see the separate Entrance Tests page for more details.

Candidates are interviewed either on the same day as their exams or shortly before or after. The interviews are held in groups of five or six, giving candidates an opportunity to interact with each other over a discussion task.

Applicants for co-curricular scholarships are assessed as close to the entrance exams as possible. Candidates who demonstrate particularly strong academic ability are invited to an Academic Scholarship assessment day in early November.

Confidential references from the applicant’s current school are requested in late October to early November, after notifying you.

Offers of places are sent by email at the start of December. We receive many applications each year and therefore some candidates will have to be placed on the Reserve List at this stage. Candidates are given about 10 days to notify us of their decision. Those accepting places are asked to pay a deposit of £2,000 for day students and £15,000 for boarding students in order to secure their place. This deposit is refunded from the final school bill.

Assessing your child's suitability for Sevenoaks School

Sevenoaks is an academically fast-paced school and will not suit all students. Some of our candidates, particularly those not at UK school or for whom English is a second language, may wish to have an early indication of their likely suitability, so we provide an online test after you have completed the more detailed registration form to help you with your planning. This is optional and the results remain confidential to candidates and their families.

Some families may also find a diagnostic assessment through UKiset useful. We do not require applicants to take a UKiset test, but the scores from this test are automatically forwarded to Sevenoaks if the school is chosen as one of the three preferred choices of the candidate, and the admissions team at Sevenoaks will then be able to give you feedback on the likely suitability of the candidate. To register for UKiset please click here.

Applications to other schools

As we have a limited number of places available, we recommend that all applicants consider an alternative school or schools. It is interesting for us to know which other schools the candidate is applying to, but it does not influence our admissions process in any way.

Visiting the school

While it is not always practical for overseas candidates to visit the school, we do encourage all applicants to come to Sevenoaks if possible. During a visit, we offer a tour of the campus and the boarding house (if appropriate), and the candidate has an informal interview with the Head of Sixth Form Admissions to discuss their application. 


More information and FAQ for overseas candidates are available here. 

Application forms:

Day Application Form
Boarding Application Form 

Timetable for Sixth Form Entry in September 2023

1 August 2022 Closing date for 2023 applications
15 October 2022 Entrance Exams at Sevenoaks
21 October 2022 All overseas exam papers to be returned
End of November 2022 Academic Scholarship Assessments
1 December 2022 Offer emails sent