Entrance tests

Dates and Venues

The Sixth Form entrance tests are held in the October before entry. All applicants are strongly encouraged to take the tests at Sevenoaks or at one of our overseas test days, as these give us the best opportunity to get to know candidates. However, alternative arrangements, such as testing at a local British Council office, can be arranged if necessary.

For 2024 entry, the Sevenoaks entrance exams will be held on Saturday 14 October 2023. We are also holding testing days in Singapore and Mumbai.

The Tests

Sevenoaks School welcomes students from all educational backgrounds. Our tests are broad and designed to identify aptitude and potential whatever the candidate’s current curriculum, although some knowledge and familiarity with appropriate academic methods is assumed. Registered candidates will be given access to past papers during the summer before the tests, together with guidance and suggestions for test preparation.

All candidates take four examinations, each lasting one hour:

English Literature: This is taken at Higher Level or at Standard Level depending on the candidate's intended IB subject choices

Thinking Skills: Candidates answer on one of the following subjects: History, Geography, Philosophy, Economics, Psychology, Languages (assessed through a linguistics task), Theatre or History of Art. This paper assesses candidates’ reasoning skills and ability to make a coherent written argument. The results are weighted according to the candidate’s intended IB subject combination.

Science: Applicants answer questions on two sciences, from a choice of Biology, Physics and Chemistry. This paper assesses candidates’ understanding of the scientific method. The results are weighted according to the candidate’s intended IB subject combination.

Mathematics: A multiple choice paper.

All applicants wishing to study Mathematics at Higher Level take an additional 30-minute test. This result is used only to assess suitability for the HL course and for setting purposes on entry to the school. Applicants should sit this test even if they are only considering taking HL Maths: offer holders will not be allowed to opt for HL Maths before joining the school if they have not sat the exam at the time of application.

For more information, please contact us.