Sixth Form Scholarships

Candidates may apply for a co-curricular scholarship, but only those performing very strongly in our entrance tests will be invited to attend an Academic scholarships assessment day. 

Awards are normally made for the duration of a pupil's career subject to satisfactory progress and conduct, but they are reviewed annually. These awards are not available to pupils already in the school.

Academic Scholarships

These scholarships will be awarded on the basis of the entrance test results and candidates performance at the Scholarship assessment day on 27 November. The main qualities which we are looking for in a scholar are academic curiosity, the ability to think critically and to assimilate new ideas quickly. To that end, our scholarship assessment day comprises a variety of enjoyable activities that ask candidates to think, but without requiring any prior subject knowledge. Further details about the day will be sent following the entrance testing in November:

  • Teamwork and discussion tasks.
  • A non-subject-specific 'thinking skills' assessment which takes the form of a short exam
Sport Scholarships

All candidates for Sport scholarships will be invited to an assessment day at the end of November. Successful candidates should currently represent a sport at county standard or above and will be expected to contribute to 1st or 2nd team level in one of the other major sports of the season: rugby, football, cricket, athletics, cross-country, basketball, tennis, swimming, hockey and netball. They will also be required to respond well to guidance, work well in a team and demonstrate good leadership skills, whether by example or captaincy.

As part of the assessment day, candidates will engage in a variety of activities including:

  • fitness tests, both aerobic and anaerobic
  • a practical observation and assessment in their preferred/nominated sport(s)
  • a ten-minute interview with a member of the PE staff
  • lunch with our current Sport scholars
Art Scholarships

All candidates for Art scholarships will be invited to discuss their portfolios with the Head of Art at the entrance testing day in October. Successful candidates should demonstrate outstanding ability in art, particularly through creativity, imagination, manipulative skills, strong powers of observation and evidence of some specialist language and concepts appropriate to the appreciation of art.

We expect holders of Art scholarships to make a significant extra-curricular commitment to their art work and it is expected that holders of Sixth Form awards will take Art at IB Higher or Standard Level.

Drama Scholarships

All candidates will be invited to an assessment day at Sevenoaks. The scholarship is awarded for co-curricular involvement in Drama and in the Sixth Form, candidates are not required to study Theatre as part of their IB Diploma, although this is encouraged. Sixth Form scholars will be involved in at least two major productions during their time in the Sixth Form, including the first term of the Upper Sixth year. In both cases, this involvement may be as a performer, director, technician or stage manager, and may include duties such as staffing front of house and working backstage.

In any of these roles, holders of a Drama scholarship will demonstrate reliability, commitment, teamwork and a high level of skill.

Music Scholarships

All candidates for Music scholarships will be invited to an assessment day in late November. In addition to the fee reduction, free tuition on one or two instruments is provided to all holders of music awards. Music award holders are expected to have considerable enthusiasm for making music. They should participate fully in the musical life of the school, involving themselves in choirs, orchestras and chamber ensembles according to their interests and expertise.

We expect a Sixth Form entrant to be around Grade 8 standard on their principal instrument, although they may not have taken an examination.