FAQ: 13+ Admissions

How many pupils do you accept at 13+?

We accept about 85-90 new pupils at age 13 who join an existing group of about 80 students moving up from our Year 8. The year is divided into eight forms.

What is the ratio of applicants to places?

There are usually around three applicants for every place.

What kind of student are we looking for? 

Sevenoaks is a strongly academic school, and we select students we believe will flourish in our fast-paced environment. We are also keen to identify students who will benefit from our balanced and well-rounded education, and who will make a positive contribution to the life of the school. All candidates are assessed through entrance tests, references from the candidate's current school, interviews and reports. The success of our students is partly due to a culture of mutual respect, admiration of success in any field whether academic or co-curricular, and a collaborative and supportive outlook within our student body. The character of our students is therefore very important to us, and this is assessed at interview.

How many boarders do you have?

40% of our students aged 13-18 are boarders. There are around 60 boarders in each Middle School year, and around 240 boarders in total in the Sixth Form. 

What are the entry requirements?

All candidates will be tested in English, Maths and Verbal Reasoning as well as taking part in a group interview. We will also request a reference from a candidate's current school. The standard expected is Key Stage 3.

When will we receive the results?

Unconditional offers will be made in the June of Year 7 (15 months prior to entry).

Will you still expect UK prep school candidates to sit CE?

UK prep school candidates will either sit our Academic Scholarship examination in the May of Year 8 or if followed, Common Entrance in the June of Year 8. Common Entrance results will be used for setting purposes only; candidates should aim for an average of 70% in the core subjects.

What is the ratio of boys to girls?

From Year 9 upward the ratio is 1:1 boys to girls.

Do the boarders integrate well with the day pupils?

Yes: the boarders and the day pupils spend all day together in lessons, lunch, co-curricular activities and in their common room. In addition, many social events are organised for the pupils during the Middle School. Boarders may be invited out for weekends with day pupils from time to time.

Do the new Year 9 students integrate well with the old ones?

Yes. All pupils take part in an induction day which involves information sessions and ice-breaker activities. Within a couple of weeks the new pupils and those who moved up from Year 8 are equally at ease at school.

What syllabus do you follow during Years 9 to 11?

Our pupils follow GCSE or IGCSE courses, or our own Sevenoaks School Certificate, in a wide range of subjects; the public examinations are taken in the summer of Year 11. In the Sixth Form, all students undertake the International Baccalaureate instead of A levels.

Can candidates who do not attend UK prep schools take part in the Academic Scholarship process?

We will invite non prep school candiates who perform exceptionally well in the entrance test to take the scholarship examinations.  Prep school candidates may be put forward by their school.

Who will monitor my child's progress?

Each pupil has a tutor who sees their small tutor group (there are between 10 and 15 pupils in a tutor group) each morning at 8.30am. Information is passed to the pupils and they can let their tutor know about any problems they need help with.

Are there any free places available to families who can't afford your fees?

Yes: please click on the 'Fees and Bursaries' link at the top of the page to read about means-tested bursaries.

Do you take pupils into Year 10 or Year 11?

We don't take pupils into Year 11 because it is midway through the (I)GCSE/SSC programme. We very occasionally take pupils from our waiting list into Year 10. To go on to the waiting list you will need to send us a copy of your child's latest school report and a brief summary of their interests and achievements. There is no need to complete an online application nor pay the registration fee for the waiting list. We would only arrange for testing if a place became available in Year 10.

Can I register my child if his or her age falls outside the correct age band?

We look at the age of a child at 1 September. So for entry to Year 9 (13+) we would normally expect a candidate to be aged 13 by 1 September in the year of entry and to be under 14. We are happy to consider candidates whose age falls outside that age band by up to six months.

If I have missed the two-year registration deadline for entry to Year 9 (13+) can I still apply?

We write to all candidates registered for entry to Year 9 approximately 21 months before the entry date to ask them to confirm that they wish to go ahead. Following this we sometimes take a few more strong candidates into the entry process from a waiting list. To go on to the waiting list you will need to send us a completed application form, a copy of your child's latest school report and a brief summary of their interests and achievements. There is no need to send the registration fee for the waiting list. We would then contact you if we are able to take your child's application forward for the Year 9 entry process.