Entry at 14+

In September 2023, we will be opening a new boarding house for girls, so we have places for up to 12 girls to join us as boarders in Year 10 in 2023 only.

The deadline for applications is now closed and the entrance assessment will take place on Friday 10 February in Sevenoaks.

All candidates will take tests in English, Maths and Verbal Reasoning. We will not be releasing practice papers for this one-off admission cycle, but the style will be similar to the tests for 13+ admission; samples of the 13+ English and Maths exams which can be found HERE.

All candidates will also take part in a 40-minute group interview, and a reference will be requested from their current school. The assessment day will start with icebreaker activities. Unconditional offers will be made on Friday 10 March.

We may be able to arrange for the assessments to be taken overseas, depending on demand. This is likely to incur an extra charge.

Candidates for Year 10 2023 will normally have been born between 1 September 2008 and 31 August 2009. We are willing to consider applicants whose birthday falls slightly outside this period; please email Melanie Fearfield, Assistant Registrar, on MJF@sevenoaksschool.org for guidance.

Timetable for Year 10 Entry (Boarding Girls only) in September 2023

  • Friday 6 January              Closing date for applications
  • Early-mid January            Reports requested from candidates’ schools
  • Friday 10 February          Year 10 Entrance Examination
  • Friday 10 March               Decisions are sent to parents
  • Friday 24 March               Deadline for acceptance


Entrance test results

Unconditional offers will be made by email in March.  Acceptance of a place must be confirmed by the payment of a deposit of £5000 (refunded when the child completes their education at Sevenoaks) and the completion of a Form of Acceptance by the date specified in our offer letter. Any candidate who decides not to accept their place is requested to inform us of their decision as soon as possible so that their place can be released to candidates on our reserve list.

Some candidates will be placed on our reserve list. These candidates have demonstrated that they would be good Sevenoaks students. Places can become available later in the process and parents are advised to keep in touch with the Director of Admissions in this situation.

We consider our reserve candidates as a pool, not a list; there is no ranking order or priority. When a place becomes available, we offer to the most suitable candidate given the vacancy.


Suitable candidates will be invited to undertake assessments for co-curricular scholarships ( Art, Drama, Music or Sport) early in their first year at Sevenoaks. Academic scholarships may be awarded internally during a child's time at Sevenoaks

Other 14+ candidates

As Year 10 is not a normal entry point to the School we do not expect to have any 14+ day places or boarding boy places,but you are welcome to be put on the waiting list for testing should a suitable place become available. Please send your child’s most recent school report and a short outline of their co-curricular interests and attainments to Melanie Fearfield, Assistant Registrar, on MJF@sevenoaksschool.org.

Please do not hesitate to contact Melanie Fearfield on the above email with any other queries. We look forward to your application.