The IB has generated a considerable amount of press interest, and never more so than today in the current climate of curriculum debate and reform.

Below are some recent IB news stories:

'Why reinvent the education wheel, when a solution already exists?' Schools Week, February 2019

Sevenoaks is great for the IB, Best of the Best, The Week, September 2018

'The world needs the International Baccalaureate', Sir Anthony Seldon, TES, September 2018

Fifty years of the IB, and how soft skills will drive a successful career, ISC Blog, March 2018

'A levels are no longer fit for purpose' - Times Educational Supplement, October 2017

Top of the world. Independent Education Today (p 39), August 2017 

The International Baccalaureate: a global success story. Relocate Global, August 2017

Mark Beverley, Director of Curriculum, talks about the relevance of the IB in light of Brexit, Independent School Parent magazine, Feb 2017

Katy Ricks talks about the benefits of a truly international education, British Education magazine, Feb 2017

Katy Ricks talks about why the IB Diploma prepares today's generations for tomorrow, British Education magazine, Feb 2017

Education after Brexit: A force to unite nations, Relocate Magazine, February 2017

The importance and relevance of the IB in light of Brexit, School House Magazine, February 2017

Why the IB matters, ISC blog, December 2016

The IB is the best preparation our students can have for the world of tomorrow, British Education, October 2016

University Admissions Report concludes that the IB is the best preparation for university. ACS Report, 2016 

Students shouldn't be forced to narrow their options too early, The Telegraph, August 2016

More schools should adopt the International Baccalaureate instead of A-levels to tackle the UK’s engineering skills shortage The IET (August 2016)

IB Diploma Programme students more likely to earn first-class honours degrees than A Level students - HESA & IBO report, Feb 2016

IB Review - What should you put on your personal statement - Wendy Heydorn (Director of HE, Sevenoaks), Sept 2016 

IB students out-perform in race for top UK university places - HESA, Feb 2016

Why the IB is the perfect passport to university - Telegraph, Oct 2015 

Latest University Admissions Officers report concludes that the IB is the best preparation for university and the workplace - ACS University Admissions Officers Report, Sept 2015

Rigid' A-Levels And GCSEs Criticised By 'Exasperated' Eton Head  Huffington Post, May 2015

UK curriculum turmoil boosts IB appeal Telegraph, May 2015

The IB: a better preparation for life  Telegraph, April 2015

The IB: a qualification that defies boundaries  Telegraph, April 2015

IB passes the test for popularity  Telegraph, Nov 2014

The IB reigns  The Resident magazine 2015

The International Baccalaureate: no government intervention, no grade inflation  Telegraph, July 2013

The IB develops students top universities want  Independent, 2013

Will the IB make the grade?  Telegraph, 2013

The IB explained  Independent School Parent, 2014

IB or not IB, that is the question  Telegraph, 2010