The Core : Ten Ideas that Changed the World

In Year 11, this syllabus considers which ideas have had powerful, disruptive and formative effects on the contemporary world.

These include Right and Wrong, The Enlightenment, The Cosmos, God(s), Freedom, Multiculturalism and The Internet. Students apply the critical thinking skills acquired in Year 10 to such questions as:

  • Why do we place so much trust in reason and science?
  • What does it mean to be an individual?
  • Is the internet changing the way we think?

Ten Ideas provides an opportunity to explore a number of ideas of real importance, and to learn how to analyse and evaluate them, how to ask questions and develop sophisticated answers.

These topics address content that is stimulating in its own right, and at the same time develop in students transferable skills in analysing, interpreting and evaluating issues that feed directly into all subject areas across our curriculum.

Head of Core: Miss Olivia