Critical Thinking Courses and TOK

We have developed our own Critical Thinking courses: Core Critical Thinking, Critical Perspectives, and Ten Ideas that changed the World that make up the Core of our Lower and Middle School critical thinking curriculum.

All Sixth Form students study Theory of Knowledge (TOK) as part of the IB Diploma, and the Core courses studied in their earlier years are all intended to support this transition to the IB TOK syllabus.

These courses are designed to teach students about a range of real world philosophical, cultural, religious and political issues and problems, and to enable them to acquire skills in critical interrogation of such issues.

A student who can apply knowledge and skills acquired in one particular field across to another is more likely to think critically and to be creative. And the student who is able to think inwardly, to reflect on the way in which they learn and to understand how best to develop, is most likely to achieve their true potential.