Sevenoaks School has one of the largest and most successful Russian departments in the country.

Discover and master beautiful Cyrillic letters and strange Slavic words. Travel with us to enigmatic, mysterious, timeless Russia. Further your understanding of the history, literature and culture of this unique country.

На то и ум, что́бы достичь того́, чего́ хо́чешь.Ф.М.Достоевский

Intelligence is there just to achieve what you want.
Fyodor Dostoyevsky (1821-81)

Over 110 pupils take the opportunity to study Russian at Sevenoaks, enjoying smaller than average classes and a unique, challenging and enriching curriculum. We believe that we are one of the most innovative and inspiring departments in the school.

Year 8

Fears about the difficulty of Russian are swiftly allayed! Pupils master Cyrillic with ease, and subsequently continue to make incredible progress.

Year 9

We have both a beginners' set and a continuation set. There's an intangible, inexpressible something about Russian: it gets into your head and under your skin. Consequently, at the end of Year 9, over 90 per cent of pupils decide to continue with Russian to GCSE level.

Years 10 and 11

Although our Middle School course finishes with a GCSE exam, our curriculum aims well beyond it. In addition to all the basic GCSE topics, we also study challenging and original units such as Cosmonauts, St Petersburg, Moscow and The Trans-Siberian Railway, combining literature, history, film and linguistics.

Over 85 per cent of pupils achieve an A* grade, and many continue to study IB Russian.

Sixth Form

Students rapidly improve, developing fluency and becoming confident on paper. Some go on to study Russian at leading universities, while others are inspired to study challenging languages such as Arabic.

Our study trip (for Year 10 and Lower Sixth) to Moscow and St Petersburg, which involves working with Moscow orphans, is an example of how we like to do things differently. Although still growing strongly, the department retains its intimate feel, and our zeal for inspirational teaching and innovative learning still burns as strongly as ever.

The Russian Quad-Vocab Book- A vocabulary resource written by Jon Drury, our Head of Russian, published by Sevenoaks School in 2017, and is now being used by a number of leading schools and universities.

You can view the Russian Quad-Vocab book here

Head of Department: Mr Jon