The aims of the French department are to develop students' ability to communicate accurately and effectively in speech and writing within a wide range of contexts and registers, to develop the ability to master the linguistic demands of social contacts, and to develop a broad and thorough knowledge of French-speaking countries' cultural and social life.

C'est toujours le bon moment pour étudier français!

All students are set from Year 7 up to Year 11. Bilingual pupils follow a scheme of work based on the French National Curriculum and are taught by native teachers.

The Sixth Form: the IB

In the Sixth Form, pupils can study French B at Standard or Higher Level. The course is designed for students who have at least three years of French and a very good (I)GCSE pass or equivalent.

We also offer the French A (Language and Literature) course at Higher Level and Standard Level. It is aimed at fluent language speakers who are native speakers or bilingual or who live in a French-speaking country. Students are introduced to a wide range of texts, which include an exploration of French-speaking countries' culture. Pupils are taught how to recognise and analyse aspects of style and register and to incorporate these aspects into their own writing. The development, refinement and acquisition of a wide range of vocabulary and idioms are essential to the course.

Head of French: Ms Alexandra