Vibrant, creative and purposeful, the Drama department at Sevenoaks is staffed by teachers who are theatre practitioners with a breadth of experience. Relationships with pupils are informal and productive, and the ethos throughout is one of shared endeavour and exploration. In all our work we stress the importance of theatre as a communal, collaborative art form.

A bold and daring department, staging ambitious plays embedded with humanity and political comment; always a rich programme of artistic work, and an increasing volume of student-led projects. 

Gavin Henry, Director of Drama 

All pupils experience timetabled Drama in the first three years of the school. In these classes emphasis is placed on the development of confidence, concentration and physical control; freeing the imagination; dramatic appreciation; and the importance of productive cooperation with others.

Key dramatic skills are taught through practical exercises and exploration; all students are encouraged to explore the challenges of improvisation and performance, and the nature of effective communication in the theatre.

Our new Sevenoaks School Certificate in Drama & Theatre Arts is available as a creative option in Years 10 and 11. Students follow a syllabus that offers a holistic and rigorous focus on theatre making.

After a foundation year exploring naturalistic and non-naturalistic dramatic forms, a set text and stage design (including lighting and sound), students undertake a series of group practical assessments which include devising a public production, interpreting and staging a published script.

In the Sixth Form, IB Theatre is available at Standard and Higher Levels. The course involves a wide-ranging study of theatre including theorists like Stanislavski, Brecht and Artaud, world theatre traditions, practical skills and critical analysis and reflection. The course is supplemented by regular theatre visits and workshops and allows students considerable freedom to explore their own theatrical interests. Students can also opt to take Literature and Performance, a synthesis of English and Theatre, instead of Standard Level English.

A number of visits to theatre productions are arranged for all exam students in preparation for writing informed live theatre analysis, but also to develop their appreciation of the language of theatre and cement understanding of the practical discoveries made in class. In addition, the Sackville Theatre hosts a number of touring companies throughout the year whose shows stimulate students of all ages.

Director of Drama: Mr Gavin