Whether your interest in music manifests as relaxed listening or centre-stage performing, we are confident that the Music department will inspire a lifelong love of the food of love.

A practical subject within an academic curriculum.

Director of Music

Sevenoaks School prides itself on a Music department that allows the students to explore music academically as well as practically and achieve excellence both inside and outside the curriculum. Since 2003, all of the IB students have achieved level 5, 6 or 7, with around 70 per cent achieving the top two levels.

In the IB Diploma course all students are required to listen, perform and compose. Emphasis is put on analysis skills and students complete the course with the confidence to talk about and write on any style or genre of music and also to take part in performances of music according to their areas of expertise.

In the Middle School, Music is a thriving course which also requires students to listen, perform and compose. The listening is based on a thorough survey of Western classical music and a broad study of world music. The students also continue their instrumental or vocal studies, performing throughout the course in solo and ensemble capacities and undertaking at least one original composition. 

Director of Music: Mr Christopher Dyerchd@sevenoaksschool.org