What better way to spend your time in the Sixth Form: combining the study of sport with science. The IB Sport, Exercise and Health Science department at Sevenoaks School is an incredibly exciting place to be, where learning takes place within state-of-the-art sport and science facilities including the amazing Sennocke Centre.

Science is now the most important aspect of sport performance.

Who is it for?

Any student who is interested in science and sport or would like to pursue a career in sport, or is interested in the subjects covered in the course units. Oxford, Cambridge and the top Sport Science universities recognise Sport, Exercise and Health Science as a legitimate subject within the IB Diploma.

The course

This Standard Level IB Diploma course is taught by members of the PE and Biology departments, which gives the pupils a distinct advantage from a sport and scientific standpoint. It was introduced to the Diploma in 2012 and has flourished at Sevenoaks, bringing about an excellent set of results for our first cohort. The course content is split into six units: Anatomy; Exercise Physiology; Energy Systems; Movement Analysis and Biomechanics; Skill in Sport; Measurement of Human Performance, and two option units, Psychology of Sport and Nutrition.

The Diploma assessment consists of 150 hours, of which 110 hours are theory and 40 hours are practical work. As with the other Standard Level Group 4 Sciences, the internal assessment (twenty-four per cent) is based upon practical investigations.

Field trip

As part of the IB Sport, Exercise and Health Science curriculum our students visit a Sport Science institution, such as St George's Park, Loughborough, or the University of Kent School of Sport & Exercise Sciences, to experience what the latest facilities and equipment can offer. They then carry out investigations which help prepare them for their internal assessment.

Teacher in Charge of SEHS: Mr James Emmittjce@sevenoaksschool.org