The Physics department at Sevenoaks is strong with excellent results at GCSE and at IB. We aim to stress the processes of physics rather than purely collecting information. This involves a lot of practical and investigative work as well as presentations to encourage pupils to test their ideas, apply knowledge to novel situations and communicate their understanding.

If we assume we've arrived, we stop searching, we stop developing.

Jocelyn Bell Burnell

Physics is taught as a separate subject throughout the school and is compulsory up to GCSE in Year 11.

The IGCSE Edexcel (International) Physics course is taught over three years. The course includes seven major topics: Forces, Motion and Astronomy; Electricity; Waves; Energy resources and energy transfer; Liquids and gases; Magnetism and electromagnetism and Radioactivity and particles. The time available allows us to explore the ideas more widely and to greater depth. The programme is designed to interest, enthuse and encourage pupils. Additional material has also been included, specifically Earthquakes and resonance, Space (looking into the life cycle of stars, the origin and possible futures of the universe), and Materials.

IB Higher Level and Standard Level courses are taught separately in the Sixth Form. Extension material is provided for the more able pupils via the Physics Olympiad National Competition, Physics Forum, Astronomy Society and through the Extended Essay projects for the most interested.

Around two-thirds of our Higher Level cohort go on to read Physics, Engineering or Physics-related degrees at university.

My enjoyment and enthusiasm for Physics has increased hugely during my time at Sevenoaks and for this reason I am applying to read Physics at university.

James, Sixth Form


Head of Physics : Mr James