Biology is a dynamic subject area, with research and development of areas such as gene therapy, cell and drug interaction, cloning and therapeutic use of stem cells constantly in the news.

It is important to know the science behind the news so that you can make an informed decision on issues and see how these link to each syllabus and beyond. We also place a great emphasis on practical skills and the need for IT literacy within science.

In Years 7 and 8 we ensure that students can develop ideas and design practicals to investigate problems posed. At IGCSE we build on key IT skills necessary for IB and so have developed our own assessed practical scheme of work. This combination of skill areas ensures that our students are best placed in their preparations for the IB syllabus in the Sixth Form.

We have a large cohort of students studying HL and SL Biology at IB and our pupils then go on to a varied selection of Biology-related university courses. These include Medicine, Natural Science, Art and Science, Biomedical engineering and Neuroscience.

In Biology, nothing is clear, everything is too complicated, everything is a mess, and just when you think you understand something, you peel off a layer and find deeper complications beneath. Nature is anything but simple.

Richard Preston

Head of Biology: Mrs Karen