Institute of Service and Entrepreneurship

In a world changing so fast that many of the jobs that today’s students will perform have not yet been invented, success depends more than ever, on the skills that go beyond the purely academic or cognitive.

With the creation of the Institute of Service and Entrepreneurship, and the appointment of a Head of Entrepreneurship, the school has put a strong focus on the development of skills, knowledge and an Entrepreneurial Mindset in all students, as well as providing the correct level of encouragement and support for students in their entrepreneurial activities. 

A Culture of Entrepreneurship

Anyone who has visited the school would likely agree that there has been an underlying culture of entrepreneurial activity in the school for decades, which until recently has been practiced through students’ participation in Service activities, Charity fundraising, and student-led initiatives. Entrepreneurship is important to fuel innovation as a technique for employment and economic growth, to increase social inclusion, in order to tackle world issues, and to meet the future skills gap. The school established the Institute of Service and Entrepreneurship as part of its strategic vision for the future, with a clear mission “to inspire contribution to society in a sustainable fashion throughout life by developing a service ethos, entrepreneurial activities and community spirit”.

“…not everyone needs to be an entrepreneur, but everyone needs to be more entrepreneurial.”

A changing global environment - preparing our students for the future

The world is rapidly changing. Technological disruptions such as automation, robotics and artificial intelligence mean that the work environment is also changing, the pace of which is only getting faster. At Sevenoaks, we are conscious that a large proportion of our students will find themselves working in jobs that have not yet been invented. An evolving environment means we cannot know what the future job market will look like, and as such which jobs to prepare our students for, though we do know that there is a shift in the skills that will be needed and alongside complex problem solving and critical thinking, creativity for example will be key. We are also conscious that we are preparing tomorrow’s leaders, who have the opportunity to apply their skills to drive positive change at a level not imagined by previous generations.

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The Sevenoaks Approach

Entrepreneurship education at Sevenoaks is experiential in nature, focusing on students experimenting themselves rather than receiving instruction, as well as involving the world outside of the classroom. We engage with the business environment, we encourage real life exploration, team collaboration, enhanced project based learning, embed digital skills and learning and instil a global perspective.

Our aim is that entrepreneurship education will be embedded in, and integrated into the entire curriculum for all students, as well as being delivered via extra-curricular activities. 

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