The Sevenoaks School Middle School Curriculum is designed to develop the life of the mind.

The Middle School is large, cosmopolitan and vibrant. Every student is urged to be curious,creative, critically aware and to develop their interests and talents to the full. We have a broad range of academically ambitious courses which prepare students well for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme in the Sixth Form. Breadth is central to the Sevenoaks ethos and a key principle underpinning the IB. So too is coherence. We have designed a structure for the Middle School Curriculum to embody our educational vision: the Sevenoaks School Diploma. As with the IB Diploma, a unique core connects and informs a balanced range of subjects.

Our Middle School curriculum aims to inspire,challenge and satisfy the intellectual curiosity and open-minded approach to learning that characterises a Sevenoaks student.

All Sevenoaks students follow a broad programme of courses, each designed to equip them with a deep and detailed understanding of the particular subject area, and a spirit of independent curiosity.

Our new Middle School Diploma that has launched recently has been developed in-house to support a more modern educational approach. The Diploma takes account of the ways intellectual, personal and emotional qualities are all interrelated: what happens outside the classroom is just as important as what happens inside, because one influences the other in a very significant way.

A common set of values, as well as the promotion of interdisciplinary approaches, means that our courses 'speak' to one another in ways that encourage students to transfer knowledge and skills from one subject across to another.

We also allow students to choose particular areas of their courses in which they have an expertise or interest. In this way, the Middle School provides a holistic academic profile; one that is analytical and creative,challenging, ambitious and fun. 

In Year 9

Students study English and English Literature, French, Latin and a second Modern Language, Geography, History and Classical Civilisation, all three Sciences, Mathematics and a range of Expressive Arts courses.This wide range means that they can make informed choices of courses in Year 10. In addition they study a 'core' course, Systems of Belief, and there is provision both for bilingual students and for those with extensive prior experience of other languages.

In Years 10-11

Students pursue English Language and Literature, at least one Modern Language, a Humanity, all three Sciences, Mathematics and two optional courses from a range that includes Expressive Arts and other courses from the Humanities.

In addition, all students take two 'core' courses that develop their ability in critical thinking and issues of philosophical, global and cultural importance. These are Critical Perspectives (Year 10) and 10 Ideas that Changed the World (Year 11). Courses in Years 10-11 are assessed via GCSE and IGCSE. Our curriculum prepares students effectively and provides meaningful, rigorous assessment.