Years 7 and 8 are a golden time for our pupils: they enjoy all the benefits of secondary school but with none of the pressures. Free from impending exams, free from the diktats of national syllabus and assessments, free from prescriptive micro-management often found for this age group, pupils are encouraged to enjoy these years, to use their time for work and for co-curricular pursuits, for service and for fun.

Lower School pupils are treated little differently from the other pupils at the school. They have the same classrooms, the same teachers, the same co-curricular facilities and are given practically the same independence as the other year groups. They do have their own Common Room and they are given first place in the lunch queue, but apart from that, there is little Lower School pupils cannot or will not do that separates them from the older ones. Pupils thrive on this and relish the opportunities it brings.

We want Lower School pupils to have a go, to try everything, to be busy with whatever they enjoy. In the years to come there will be plenty of hard work, responsibilities and long hours, so they should make the most of this special time while they can.

Instilling a love of learning and ensuring that pupils are enthused by each subject.