Year 11 Results 2018

Sevenoaks School is again celebrating outstanding examination results for Year 11.

2018 sees the introduction of the new GCSEs graded 1–9. The highest grade 9 was harder to achieve than the previous A*, in a tougher, revised GCSE exam system.

While for many schools in England most of their GCSEs will be graded 1-9, Sevenoaks School students take a mixture of GCSEs, IGCSEs and SSC (Sevenoaks School Certificate) where most results are graded A*-G.

In the four subjects that were graded 1-9 (English, Maths, Latin and Greek), we are delighted that well over half of the grades received were a 9. 92% of the examinations taken by the 150 candidates were awarded A* or A grades (9 to 7 equivalent). 122 students (over 81%) gained 9 or more A* or A grades (9 to 7 equivalent).

All students took three separate IGCSE sciences, Mathematics and English Language. We were particularly delighted by the success in our own externally moderated Sevenoaks School Certificate in English Literature, now in its eighth year, and by the results in their fourth awarding year of Art, Drama, Music, Technology (Robotics) and Technology (Visual Communications).

The Head, Dr Katy Ricks, said, 'These results are excellent, and a superb achievement for both students and teachers. We are delighted that our students start the IB Diploma Programme with such strong qualifications.'

92% of all examinations were graded A or A*
122 students gained 9 or more A*/A grades

Results Summary

IB Results 2018

Many congratulations to the Class of 2018 on their outstanding examination results – among our best results in recent years from one of our largest cohorts.

At 216 students, our cohort is among the biggest of UK and world-wide IB schools, and together they achieved the remarkable average diploma score of 39.6 points (ten points above the world average, 29.8). The median is 40, and the mode, for the 2nd year running, is 44 points.

Seventeen students achieved the maximum 45 points, with 26 securing 44 points and another 20 securing 43 points. Over 55% of the cohort achieved 40 points or more – a truly excellent result.

Results summary

We are once again delighted by our students’ performance. These tremendous results are a validation of the school’s ethos and approach to learning: we teach our students how to think.

Dr Katy Ricks, Head

• 17 students gained the maximum 45 points for the IB Diploma
• 26 students gained 44 points
• 120 students gained diplomas with 40 or more points
• The mean points score is 39.6 
• The modal points score is 44
• The median points score is 40

Over 160,000 students from over 153 countries took the IBDP this year. The IB’s outlook is invaluable, instilling in our young people the capacity to understand and prosper in the global community, as well as providing an outstanding entry to university.

Please note: Sevenoaks School does not, on principle, participate in newspaper league tables.