Our educational vision

At Sevenoaks School we approach learning, teaching and living in the spirit of the International Baccalaureate, whilst appreciating that academic learning is important but not the only measure of success. 

As part of our strategic focus on the future, we aim to maintain and strengthen our position as a world-class position IB school, but more than that, as a leader in education and innovation.

There are two elements to this. First comes our vision for the curriculum, strongly influenced by the IB. Our unique curriculum is designed to provide coherence, balance and breadth, generating an appetite for learning and discovery in our students, and encouraging them to develop strong cultural awareness, a determination to be an influence for good, and a capacity for work, leadership and collaboration.

The character of our learning is shaped by the character of the school: we are modern, progressive, unstuffy, co-educational and international, and so is the education we provide.

At the same time we continue to develop Sevenoaks School as an institution of international standing and outlook, occupying a unique position in the UK educational landscape.

Achieving these two strands depends on maintaining our expertise in teaching, and continuing to achieve strong examination results, university places and workplace success. In each of these areas we encourage variety and individuality, both characteristic of a Sevenoaks education.

Continued success also depends on maintaining and articulating our particular spirit of liberal internationalism; a curriculum built around the International Baccalaureate and our own Middle School programme, a powerful service ethos, a distinctive educational influence and a truly cosmopolitan student body.

Over the next few years we will be working to achieve our aims by continuing to focus on the core areas of the curriculum and co-curriculum, developing our campus, improving our boarding facilities, providing more bursaries, expanding our educational outreach programme and professional development, and continuing with fundraising and networking to connect and position the school.

In September 2017, we launched three new Institutes within the school: The Institute of Teaching and Learning, The Institute of Higher Education and Professional Insight, and The Institute of Service and Social Impact. These Institutes are all headed by a team of expert teachers and staff and will support the longer term aims of the school. 

Passionate and dynamic teaching demonstrates excellent subject knowledge; some staff are engaged in high-level scholarship and research. It provides challenging, exacting and exciting experiences which channel the pupils’ energy into learning.

ISI Report 2013