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The New Poetry selected and introduced by A Alvarez, book of a lifetime. 'Like many people with a passion for literature, I owe a huge debt to some visionary teachers.' Professor Sir Jonathan Bate remembers an influential book he was introduced to at Sevenoaks School. Independent, 29 October 2015

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Sevenoaks School. 'Sevenoaks is not an international school per se, but it delivers a truly international – and superb – education...The results are staggering.' Tatler Schools Guide 2016, 9 October 2015

The dangers of a monolinguistic culture. Independent schools are adopting a more enlightened and holistic approach to teaching modern languages. 'At Sevenoaks, the breadth of languages offered is astonishing.' School House, Autumn/Winter 2015

Bored with GCSEs: Meet the schools with their own alternatives. Tim Jones, Deputy Head Academic, is quoted speaking about Sevenoaks School Certificates (our own externally moderated Year 11 qualifications). Guardian, 7 October 2015

Best for forward thinking. The Week names Sevenoaks as one of its 'Best of the best' schools for 2015, quoting 'the exuberance of its intellectual and social life'. Sevenoaks was also a contender for ‘Best for original types’ and in previous years has been noted for ‘fringe sports’ and for ‘one of the UK’s most successful IB sixth forms’. The Week, 5 September 2015

GCSEs: the great debate. Katy Ricks is quoted speaking about Sevenoaks School Certificates (our own externally moderated Year 11 qualifications). Telegraph, 22 August 2015

Breaking out of the confines of A-levels with the IB. 'The IB offers a clear vision of what an educated 18-year-old in the 21st century looks like.' John Sprague is quoted in an examination of the benefits offered by the IB Diploma. Telegraph, 25 April 2015

The IB: a qualification that defies boundaries. Katy Ricks is quoted on the breadth, balance and global understanding offered by the IB. 'It is an international approach to a globalised world...absolutely vital for the future.' Telegraph, 2 April 2015

10 interview questions for teachers applying to private schools. Katy Ricks contributes to an exploration of the questions independent school headteachers ask at interview. Guardian, 3 March 2015

Engage and Enthuse pupils in Science. Graeme Lawrie explains how academic staff at Sevenoaks School believe that science education isn't just about lessons, but should also be about inspiring passion for the subject and sharing this with the local community. Sevenoaks won the TES science award in 2014. TES, 7 February 2015

GCSE performance tables with reference to Sevenoaks School's achievements at IB in the Department for Education's A-level league tables. Telegraph, 29 January 2015

Time for a new vision of revision? This year, why not send your exam-bound teen somewhere a little different and see what they can achieve? Feature on holiday revision opportunities, with reference to the Sevenoaks IB Easter revision courses. Telegraph, 24 January 2015

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British elite education. A feature on British independent schools, with reference to Sevenoaks and the International Baccalaureate. Quotes Arabella Stuart, Director of Admissions, and Kevin, a 17-year-old from Shanghai studying at Sevenoaks., 17 November 2014

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