Frequently asked questions


How far from London is Sevenoaks?

On the train it takes around 35 minutes from Charing Cross. Sevenoaks School is only a few minutes from junction 5 of the M25 motorway.

How many students attend the school?

There are currently around 1090 students in the school. Around 440 of these are in the Sixth Form.

What is the ratio of boys to girls?

We are fully co-educational.

What is the ratio of boarders to day students?

Just over a third of the students are boarders and half of our Sixth Form board.

What is the ratio of UK students to overseas students?

Our international pupils make up around 20% of the student body. 30% of our Sixth Form are overseas students. Many UK students have dual nationality. All of our overseas students are fluent in English.

Are all subjects taught in English?

Yes, but language classes are usually taught in the target language, especially in the Sixth Form.

What is the average class size?

In the Middle School the class sizes vary but are generally no more than 20. In the Sixth Form the average is around 10.

What universities do students apply to?

Most applications are made to the leading UK universities (the Russell Group and others) including Oxford and Cambridge. Other destinations include the US and Europe. Click here for more details of university destinations.

Do students apply to overseas universities?

Yes, mostly to those in the US and Canada, but a smaller number apply to universities in Europe and Hong Kong.

Does the school prepare students for entry to US colleges?

Yes. We have a US universities coordinator who helps the students prepare for SATs, organise their tests in London and work with staff on their applications. Visits from US university admissions tutors and professors are also arranged.

Is the school a religious foundation?

The school is non-denominational and welcomes students of all faiths.

What is Saturday School?

Lessons and co-curricular activities take place six days a week, including Saturdays. On Saturday, students attend three lessons in the morning and play sports in the afternoon. (Lower School students are free on Saturday afternoons.)

How much are the fees?

Please see the Fees page for details of the current fees.