Frequently asked questions


How many students attend the school?

There are currently around 1165 students in the school. Around 470 of these are in the Sixth Form.

What is the ratio of boys to girls?

We are fully co-educational, with 50:50 boys and girls.

What is the ratio of boarders to day students?

There are no boarders in the Lower School but 40% of our students aged 13 to 18 board.

What’s the breakdown of nationalities?

We aim for as broad a range of nationalities as possible, with no one nationality (outside of British) dominating. Currently 46 different nationalities are represented within our student body. The IB programme attracts students from right across Europe as well as Africa, Asia, the Americas and occasionally Australasia to Sevenoaks.

How far from London is Sevenoaks?

On the train it takes around 35 minutes from Charing Cross. The railway station is about 10 minutes walk from the school. Sevenoaks School is just a few minutes from junction 5 of the M25 motorway and convenient for Gatwick (30 minutes) and Heathrow (50 minutes).

Does Sevenoaks offer weekly or flexi-boarding?

No, we only offer full boarding or day. We believe full boarding makes the boarding house really feel like home and allows students to get the most out of the school while developing the strongest possible friendships for life. However, we are flexible and students can opt to spend some weekends at home in addition to the five exeat weekends if they wish.  

Are all subjects taught in English?

Yes, but language classes are usually taught in the target language, especially in the Sixth Form.

What is the average class size?

In the Middle School the class sizes vary but are generally no more than 20. In the Sixth Form the average is around 10.

What is Saturday School?

Lessons and co-curricular activities take place six days a week, including Saturdays. On Saturday, students attend three lessons in the morning, have an early lunch just after noon, and, from Year 9 upwards, play sports in the afternoon. (Lower School students are free on Saturday afternoons.)

What happens at weekends?

Saturday is a normal school day with lessons in the morning and, from Year 9 onward, sports matches against other schools in the afternoon. Any boarder can leave for the weekend after their match, to stay with family or friends. Around 60% of boarders in our 13-18 Houses, and nearly all students in our 16-18 Houses opt to stay in school for the weekend. There is a lie-in on Sunday mornings followed by brunch. Optional organised activities may be available in the afternoon, or students can sign out to Knole Park or Sevenoaks Town (where there are restaurants, cafes, shops, a theatre and a cinema), catch up with friends in other Houses, make use of the extensive facilities in their Houses or in school, or spend the time catching up on some reading.

What universities do students apply to?

Most applications are made to the leading UK universities (the Russell Group and others) including Oxford and Cambridge, but an increasing number of students apply to universities in the US, with an excellent offer rate. Other destinations include Europe and Hong Kong. Click here for more details of university destinations.

Do students apply to overseas universities?

Yes, mostly to those in the US and Canada, but a smaller number apply to universities in Europe and Hong Kong.

How does the school prepare students for entry to US colleges?

Our US and International University Higher Education team guide the students through every aspect of the application process, from identifying the universities that will best suit them to how to write a powerful application essay. They run a regular programme of visits from US university admissions tutors and a specialist company provides weekly SAT/ACT preparation sessions in-school. Sevenoaks is an SAT testing centre, so students can take the test on-site with minimum disruption.

Is the school a religious foundation?

The school is non-denominational and welcomes students of all faiths and none. We have no chapel on the campus. We help boarders find an appropriate local place of worship if they wish.

How much are the fees?

Please see the Fees page for details of the current fees.