20 April 2018

2018 university offers

We are delighted to report a phenomenal set of offers from world-class UK, US and international universities.

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As the 2018 university offers season nears the end of its cycle, we are delighted to report a phenomenal set of offers from world-class UK, US and international universities.

From Sevenoaks, 229 applicants have received 827 offers from UK universities. Our students were successful in 74 per cent of all their applications across the cohort, with three-quarters of the cohort receiving three offers or more.

We had particularly pleasing offer rates:

  • Forty-two students received offers from the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, with Cambridge making 19 offers and Oxford 23 offers
  • 100% offer rate at York, Surrey and Southampton
  • 94% offer rate at Bath, Nottingham and Warwick
  • 77 offers from Durham
  • 80 offers from UCL
  • 84 offers from Exeter

Medicine and Veterinary Science

Our 25 prospective Medics, Dentists and Veterinary Scientists have had a very successful year. Together they have secured a total of 62 offers to study Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Medicine.

Our 21 Medics received a total of 51 offers. Of particular note, seven received offers from UCL where approximately 2500 applications to the Medical School are received each year, for a total of 322 places.

King’s offered seven places, Queen Mary six places, Bristol five places, Edinburgh four places, Newcastle three places. Oxford, Imperial, Exeter, Birmingham, Queen’s Belfast and Sheffield each made two offers. Other universities making one offer included St George’s, Brighton and Sussex, Manchester, St Andrews, Nottingham, Leeds and Plymouth.

We had one student who applied for Dentistry and he received an offer from King’s College. Our three prospective Veterinary Science applicants received a total of ten offers including, one from Cambridge, two from the Royal Veterinary College, London, and two from Surrey. Bristol, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Nottingham and Reading each made one offer.

International offers

Those who applied to universities overseas were equally successful. This year, 37 students made applications to 65 different US colleges, making a total of 254 applications. The US picture isn’t yet fully complete, as some of our students remain on the waitlist at top institutions, but we have 64 excellent offers so far.

Students have received offers from Stanford (two), Yale (two), Princeton, Brown, Yale-NUS, Duke, Columbia, and Chicago where overall admit rates are less than ten per cent, with admit rates for Stanford less than five per cent this year and only 2040 admitted in total. Offers have also been received from Berkeley (two), Cornell, UCLA (seven), Northwestern, Boston University (two), Carnegie Mellon (two) and Johns Hopkins.

There have been multiple offers from Georgia Tech, NYU, Purdue, RISD, Parsons, UC San Diego and the University of Michigan. Other prestigious universities that have accepted Sevenoaks students include: USC, Rice University, Vassar College, Northeastern, Wesleyan University, The University of Texas, UC Davis, the University of Denver, Grinnell College, George Washington University, Rochester Tech, School of the Visual Arts and The New School.

Sevenoaks students have made 14 applications to Canadian universities, with offers received from McGill, the University of Toronto and UBC, and eight applications to universities within Hong Kong, with offers from the University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology to date. Offers have also been received from The Hague University of Applied Sciences and Delft University of Technology.

Congratulations to our Sixth Formers on this outstanding set of offers.

Wendy Heydorn, Director of the Institute for Higher Education and Professional Insight

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