01 February 2016


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100 was a student production which dealt with such a universal and yet challenging subject as death with extraordinary tenderness and polish. The play is an award-winning piece created by theatre company The Imaginary Body. It follows four souls who have one last choice to make before death. Which memory will they take with them to the afterlife? It is from the premise alone a thought-provoking piece with the aim of challenging the audience’s perceptions of how they live their lives and who they are as people.

This is done through extraordinarily visceral realisations of various characters, from a native tribesman who fought for his discovery, to an immature delivery man searching for something meaningful in his life. The wide range of character types serves to give the audience a sense of how they would react in this situation and as such the production serves to have a profound impact on the audience member’s sense of self. The memories too are explored through a combination of finely polished physical theatre, lighting and sound to create a powerful audio-visual experience for the audience which made the subject matter all the more powerful.

Overall 100 was filled with powerful performances and superb choreography, which supported a powerful story and led the audience to question their lives and identities. It achieved all of its goals and more and I would heartily recommend it.

Sebastian Imas 

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