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Sevenoaks School graded ‘exceptional’ by Independent Schools Inspectorate

2013 inspection report states: ‘The quality of the pupils’ achievements and learning is exceptional.’

The Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) awarded Sevenoaks School the rare accolade of ‘Exceptional’ for its students’ achievement, following an Integrated Inspection of the school in February 2013.

Sevenoaks was described as a highly successful school, with exceptionally high achieving pupils, and excellent teaching, extra-curricular provision, pastoral care and leadership. The school was awarded the top grade (‘Excellent’) in all areas, and for the category ‘Pupils’ Achievement’, the even higher grade of ‘Exceptional’, available for this category only, and rarely used.  

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Why The World Loves A British Education Quotes Katy Ricks: '"Our parents are thinking their child will work in a global, multi-lingual workplace and they want a genuine international network of friends...In the old days people wanted the stamp of a British public school education, whereas now they want their children to be equipped to work with anyone around the world."' Forbes, 30 June 2014

What does it take to be a superhead? Katy Ricks is named in the Good Schools Guide's '10 Heads to watch' 

Harry Potter stardust helps boarding to keep its sparkle: 'It would be fair to say that some English independent schools have welcomed overseas pupils more out of necessity – to compensate for falling revenues – than positive choice. But others – for example, Sevenoaks School in Kent, where around a quarter of the pupils now come from overseas – have made a virtue of internationalism.' Telegraph, 16 May 2014

Charlie Higson (OS 1976): The Inventory: 'Writing is my job. It’s not about sitting around waiting for the muse to strike.' Mentions Sevenoaks School and former art teacher Bob White. Financial Times

Focussing on foreign interests: The British are often known for their reticence to learn languages, but many independent schools give them their due attention. Quotes Katy Ricks. Telegraph, 1 April 2014

Farrant overjoyed by Ashes chance: Sevenoaks student Natasha Farrant is interviewed by BT Sport after being called up to the England Women's Ashes squad. BT Sport, 28 January 2014

This House would send its Children to Private School: Katy Ricks speaks for the motion at the Cambridge Union, with Barnaby Lenon.

The Spectator: Sevenoaks is a success among boarding schools with an international intake: Sevenoaks School's approach to an international education is 'absolutely no deterrent to the British parents' says Janette Wallis of the Good Schools Guide. The Sevenoaks student body, with around 20% interntional pupils (not 25% as stated), is a successful, 'genuinely international mix'. 'A British education has become a commodity bought by wealthy foreigners.' Spectator, 30 November 2013

Sevenoaks is top IB boarding school 2013: Private (Education Advisers Ltd) list Sevenoaks School at the top of their assessment of the Top IB Boarding Schools in the UK. These positions are compiled from the average points of sixth formers taking the Diploma Programme of the IB.

Sevenoaks School supports a local academy: Sevenoaks is among the few schools to establish formal links with state academies, as Sir Michael Wilshaw calls on independent schools to sponsor and run academies. 'Ofsted: private schools "starving" state education system', Telegraph, 2 October 2013

Ships ahoy! Sailing is a mainstream sport in schools: 'As current British Team Racing Champion, Andy Cornah has helped lead Sevenoaks to new heights of success. They are the first school to ever represent Britain at the Team Racing World Championships in 2011 and have won the School National Championships for 16 of the past 19 years.' Independent School Parent, Summer 2013, p47

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