How to Apply to Year 7

Online Application Form

The first step in applying to Sevenoaks School is to complete the online application form below. The registration fee which is non-refundable covers the cost of processing the application and the entrance tests. The fee is £100 for day applicants and £200 for boarding applicants.

Before you make an application, please check here that your child's age is correct for the Year of Entry. 

The deadline for applications is 1 September of the year preceding entry.

Candidate’s/Parents’ details

The information given on the online application form is used for all our communications. It is therefore important that you notify us of any change of email, postal address or circumstances during the application process. This is particularly important if you have applied some years in advance of entry.

Candidate’s present school

Before we can offer a place, we must receive a reference from the candidate’s present school. We will write to schools in the autumn of Year 6 once you have confirmed that you wish to go ahead with the Year 7 entry process (see Confirmation below).

Applications to other schools

As we have a limited number of places available, we recommend that applicants consider an alternative school or schools. It is interesting for us to know which other schools the candidate is applying to, but it does not influence our admissions process in any way.

More information and FAQ for overseas candidates are available here.

Application Forms:

Day Student - application form
Boarding Student - application form 


Visiting the School

We do encourage applicants to visit Sevenoaks if possible. We hold several Open Mornings during the year for Y7, Y9 and Sixth Form entry. If you would like to come to an Open Morning please book a place online through our website. We are also happy to arrange individual visits to the school. Individual visits include a tour of the campus, a meeting with the Director of Admissions, and a visit to a boarding house for boarding candidates if appropriate. To arrange an individual visit please contact:


In the September prior to entry we will send out a Confirmation Form. This asks you to confirm that you wish to go ahead with the Year 7 entry process and to confirm that the details we hold on our records are still correct. We also ask you to provide us with information regarding medical conditions, learning support and special educational needs. At this time we provide further information regarding the entrance tests.

Entrance Tests

We recommend that candidates come to Sevenoaks School to sit their tests at the beginning of January in the year of entry. It will also be possible for overseas candidates to take the tests in Hong Kong in the preceding October. If necessary overseas candidates who are not easily able to go to Hong Kong can take the tests at their own school or an accredited test centre such as the British Council.

All candidates will sit the entrance test consisting of three papers: Mathematics (1 hour), English (1 hour) and a reasoning test (1 hour). Past papers for Mathematics and English are available here; verbal reasoning papers are available from all good bookshops.

All candidates will take part in a group interview on the same day as the entrance tests. Candidates taking the tests in Hong Kong will take part in a group interview at the same time. Any other candidates who take their tests overseas will need to make arrangements to bring their child to Sevenoaks for an interview some time before the entrance tests take place in January.

At the time of confirmation, we will ask candidates living in the Far East if they would like to take the tests in Hong Kong. There will be an additional assessment fee of £350 charged for this. Any other candidates taking the tests overseas must arrange a suitable venue and an invigilator beforehand. The candidate’s school is often the most convenient option; alternatively they may sit the exam at the British Council or a similar authorised centre. Please note that all organisation is the responsibility of the candidate’s parents. We will need notification of the invigilator’s name and email address. We also request that all invigilators use an official school or institution email address rather than a personal one. We will then contact the invigilator with instructions for the tests and will ask that the completed test papers are returned by the invigilator directly to us by courier. If the candidate is applying through an agency, it is not usually acceptable for the tests to be taken on the agency premises.

Entrance Test Results

Offers of places, including scholarships, are sent by email to all candidates. Acceptance of all places must be confirmed by the payment of a deposit (£1500 for day pupils and £3000 for boarders) and the completion of a Form of Acceptance by the date, in early March, specified in our offer letter. Any candidate who decides not to accept their place is requested to inform us of their decision as soon as possible so their place can be released to candidates on our reserve list.

Some candidates will be placed on our reserve list. The candidates have passed our tests and have demonstrated that they would be good Sevenoaks students. Places often become available in early March once the grammar school places have been announced. Parents are advised to keep in touch with the Director of Admissions in this situation.

We consider our reserve candidates as a pool, not a list; there is no ranking order or priority. When a place becomes available, we offer to the most suitable candidate given the vacancy.

Some candidates will be advised that they have not been awarded a place.